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Survey Type

What type of survey do you need?

It is important that you have an understanding of what type of survey you want and what will be the likely outcome of a completed survey. Open dialog between client and survey practitioner is vital so that particular survey methodologies can be discussed and proposed project parameters can be agreed upon.

Please look at the PAS 128 process flow chart to assist in understanding the processes involved with each PAS 128 Survey Category Type

Quality Level flow chart Quality level flow chart

PAS 128 Process

Project Planning

Typically a client and survey practitioner will have a discussion/meeting to discuss the appropriate PAS 128 Survey Category Type (D to A) and the particular Survey Methodologies to be used. Each project is different and there are many combinations and factors that may need to be discussed. The survey practitioner shall advise the client on the best and most appropriate methods based on the information given.

Post Survey Meeting

Post survey, a discussion and/or meeting takes place so that the survey practitioner can explain to the client the accuracies achieved and any limiting factors. At this point it may be appropriate to suggest other methods of survey to achieve greater levels of accuracy in areas of concern/strategic project importance.

Education, technical awareness presentations and briefings

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